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  Iythar Ghurab



Nubian Child

pastel on wood

33 x 30 X 1 cm

Quarantained Justice

oil on wood

51 x 51 x 2 cm


Kal Naga 2 (With You)

oil on wood

50 x 50 x 2 cm



I'm a British/Egyptian artist, with a BA in Fine Arts from the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. I like to project ideas and subjects that go unnoticed by most. I've always been fascinated by human faces and the stories they tell. I'm deeply inspired by the different cultures in the world and how they affect each other. I also like to explore surrealist, abstract and conceptual painting approaches, working intricately with patterns and calligraphy, using my own stylistic scripts. I’m also noted for my portraiture work and received several commissions.



Helwan University’s Annual Student art Exhibition in Cairo (2002)

Helwan University’a Annual student art exhibition in Cairo (2003)

(Rutush Misriya) exhibition by Free Art Collective in Cairo (2004)

(Scribbles) exhibition by Free Art Collective in Cairo (2005)

Islam Expo Art Exhibition Olympia/Kensington (2008)

Chester Arts Fair. Chester (2019)

Untitled Arts Fair. London (2021)

New Contemporary, The unique world. Vienna 2022

Portrait Artist of the Year: The Exhibition, at Compton Verney (2022)

Cannes Biennale 2022

Art between thoughts and spontaneity. Munich 2022

Portraits exhibition in Brick Lane gallery, London 2022


Awards and media

Chosen as one of a 100 artists from the participants of Sky Arts’ program and competition “Portrait Artist of the Year” to be celebrated in a dedicated exhibition, at Compton Verney in 2022.

Participated in Portrait Artist of the Year 2018

Islam Channel – Women’s AM, 2016

Islam Channel – Living the Life, 2016

Iqra TV English – One on One show, 2015

Time Magazine – featured with my work in a photography series, 2011

Kuwaiti Magazine – Jarida Al-Fanoon magazine, Feature, 2009

Elaf Online Publication, feature, 2009

Elaf Online Publication, feature, 2008

Emirati magazine Kul Al-osra, exclusive two page spread, 2008

Egyptian Newspaper Al-Qahira Newspaper, 2008

Egyptian Newspaper Al-Misri Al-Yawm, feature, 2008

Egyptian Newspaper – Al-Dostoor, feature, 2008

Egyptian Magazine Al-Shumoo’, 2005

Egyptian Magazine Al-Shumoo’, 2004

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