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  Natasscha Girelli [ see other similar works ]

          Humlebæk, Denmark


Currents #3

acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 x 3 cm

Currents #4

acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 x 3 cm


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Natasscha Girelli loves nature. Maybe her love for the sea is such a big inspiration for her because she grew up at the mouth of the sea by a fjord, Limfjorden. Or as she says: “Most beautiful of all is the sea. It is in perpetual motion and it binds us all together deep inside. When I am painting my greatest inspiration are currents because really, they are in everything that is in motion, going places, some known, some unknown. In time, when I am painting, it has become second nature to me to be in motion just like these beautiful currents and every stroke from my paint brush is a trail from my innermost colourful sea. The long soft lines have become my personal expression and a technique that I have refined (over and over).

Ever since she was a little toddler in a big world arts and culture have been bedrocks in Natasscha Girelli´s life. So early she decided to submerge herself in art. “Creating has always been a natural part of me and for me it was obvious to follow this path. It has always been there. I was painting at three years old and I went to an art school at nine.” It was during this time that she discovered how to play with dimensions, shadows and shapes. At Randers Art School Girelli learned to master the Art of Etching. Later she went to Kolding´s school of Design after which she decided to go the commercial route. Today Natasscha has a career as an International free lance art director in the Fashion World and in that she has been blessed with the opportunities to travel the world with her job. Not to be able to travel due to Lock down et all was the needed nudge to make her resume her great passion: PAINTING.

One would think that the pandemic would have left a mark on someone who loves to travel as much as Girelli, but she remains resilient and finds opportunities to grow and learn. Work and everyday life forced her to neglect painting for some years, but a newfound introspection during this time has allowed her to take her art to the next level. Lock Down brought calmness to her life and it is, as she says, nothing short of fantastic to be able to immerse oneself in painting again after all the years on the road. Through the bubble of Lock Down she found her way back to the essential version of herself.


Natasscha Girelli is based in Denmark. She paints with acrylic and preferably on larger canvasses

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