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Lisbeth Glanfield

Artist Statement

Lisbeth Glanfield was born in 1953. She grew up in Bergen, in the Western part of Norway. As an adult she lived in Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, for many years, before moving back to Bergen.

Lisbeth studied art at Einar Granum Art School in Oslo. She also studied at Bryggen Art School in Bergen for two years. She worked as a graphic designer for many years, and she also has a master degree in History, with History of Art forming part of this degree. In recent years she has worked in the art and culture field, and has produced, amongst other things, several child art exibitions and edited a childrens` art book. Now she works full time as a painter. She shares an art studio with her husband who is also a painter. They have a joint web-site:

She has exhibited her paintings in different parts of Norway. Lisbeth works mainly with acrylics, monotype and lino- cuts. Presenting inner lines of thought and emotions in outer settings is one of the main threads of her work. Her pallette is mainly inspired by the wild nature and blue light in Northern Norway. The traditional and very hard way of living in remote places in the Arctic, such as fisherman-farming, also provides great inspiration for her landscape painting.

Lisbeth Glanfield - before rain


Before rain

acrylic on canvas

42 x 42 cm


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