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Allyson Glenn 

Artist Statement

Through painting and drawing, my work explores the complex intertwining between ancient myths, social integration, boundaries, and rite of passage. For example, in my 2019 series Passages, Folklore busts of mythological gods juxtaposed with abstraction and imagery of contemporary architecture, gardens, and people were all part of my investigation of other-worldly presences and the continuity of Greek myths in current times.


Boboli Gardens Works on Paper

Inspired by John Singer Sargent’s watercolors of the early twentieth century, this series depicts the Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy. In the early twentieth century, Sargent made several on-site watercolour paintings of the gardens depicting fantastical and mythological sculptures that juxtaposed foliage, ponds, and architecture.

Located in behind the Pitti Palace, it is one of the many Italian gardens invented as escape into “Eden”, and now serves as a quiet retreat from the bustling urban center.

Developed through photographic imagery taken in November 2019, my most recent series Boboli Gardens explores Sargent’s locations and technical methods. This project was a means for me to visualize other ways of working including mark making, the series experimented with combining water-based media (gouache and watercolour) with dry media.



I hold a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of Calgary (2000) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), University of Alberta (1998). My work has shown in solo exhibitions in Canada, United States, Switzerland, Czech Republic, India, and most recently at the Vorres Museum, Athens and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Greece. I teach full-time as an Associate Professor (Painting and Drawing), Department of Art and Art History, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.


Allyson Glenn - Oceanus


Oceanus Giabologna Boboli (Fountain of Oceanus)

gouache, watercolour, chalk on paper

29 x 39 cm

Available works




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