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Goneja - Scorpio


inkjet print black aluminium frame

63 x 80 x 2 cm


Agata, Scorpio

inkjet print

67 x 80 cm




inkjet print 

73 x 89 cm




My practice stands as an artistic quest to capture and represent the contemporary possibilities of spirituality within the global urban context. I combine classical photography of unorthodox subjects and totemic sculptures with minimalistic forms in order to unfold new mythological narratives. Therein, I explore occult themes such as alchemy, spiritual initiation and ritualism, striving to deliver a central holistic message through a plurality of idiosyncratic individual voices. Symbolic motifs from sources as diverse as classical mythology, zodiacal astrology and christian iconography make their way through my exhibitions as vivid portraits, tribal objects and mysterious landscapes. Spirituality, to me, is ultimately a means to discern contemporary mythological possibilities and to unravel them in my work as active magical forces.



Born 1987, in Milan


Solo exhibitions

Mercurial, Organ Kritischer Kunst, Berlin, 2022

Rituals, tête, Berlin, 2020


Selected group exhibitions

Anima Mundi, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, 2022

Emerging Artists, Spiral Galleries, London, 2022

Collective Individuals, E1 Project Space, London, 2021

Together We Dance, Kita 2000, Berlin, 2018



All Out + MTV Photo Award, 2021

Exhibited in: New York, Copenhagen, Liverpool & Munich



Rituals, Motto Distribution, 2020

Together We Dance, Motto Distribution, 2018



MM.A. Photography, University of Westminster, London, 2013

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