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Mark Goodwin 

Artist Statement

My name is Mark Goodwin, I am 45 years old and I am from Earlsfield, London. I have been an artist now for 5 years. I work mainly with Acrylics as I find them more suited to my needs with expressing my artwork. I started by mainly sketching buildings famous landmarks, cities, shops, churches, monuments.

I then moved on to painting famous landscapes with acrylics. The first professional painting being the “Lions of Trafalgar "made in 2014 and drawn live on location.

I also use postcards, and internet images of pictures which I find very interesting to use for my work. As I got more used to painting on A4 paper, I then began to work on bigger papers like A3s.

Then I moved onto canvas boards and MDF boards.

I also painted my own version of some of the Classical Old Masters work including Titian, Rembrandt, Van Gogh among others.

Cars are also a big favourite with me, as are Italian landscapes from Venice, Turin and Rome.

Also, I like to do expressionism art especially doing my version of some of the German masters in this field.

I have travelled to Italy, Spain and South America which has inspired me to paint architectural buildings with the different styles.

In 2016 I entered a BBC Art Programme Competition.

There were 17000 entries, and I succeeded to the last 200 people invited to the BBC studios to paint from still life.

Did not get to the final 10 for the show, but it was a good experience.

Back in 2017 I achieved a diploma in Art and Design at Lambeth College, Clapham common, London.

Unfortunately, I could not go on to University due to family commitments.



Breakout exhibition at Lambeth College 2017

Parallax Art Fair February 2019

Urban Art Fair, Brixton 2019

Putney solo exhibition November 2019


St Pauls Cathedral

painting 30 x 42 cm

Available works




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