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O'd. is my artist name.

Tirelessly, O’d. tracks the movement of the body: the drawings are quickly executed, and the pencil twirls even faster than the body or the material represented, until abstraction as a pure rendering of the sensation experienced by the artist, of which only the hand is mobile.

Trained at the Beaux Arts in Quimper (France), the work of O’d. is not unlike that of Marcel Duchamp who said about his "Nude descending the staircase" (1912): "This final version of the Nude descending a staircase, painted in January 1912, was the convergence in my mind of various interests, including cinema, still in childhood, and the separation of static positions in the chronophotographs of Marey in France, Eakins and Muybridge in America… ”

These drawings taken from life, further extend their movement through engravings, lithographs and videos in an offbeat and fanciful universe.

My prints presented are a series on water and the human body, which I called Soul, with a sprayed water and drypoint technique engraved on copper then printed in four passages with two engraved copper plates.

We see the etching of the water.

I am researching the matter of water and the movement of the human body.

My job for these prints is to reproduce a scientific medical image from a scan of a human brain.

These scans show neural movements. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, we see that we are a whole, water and neurons are alike in form.


Soul #1

 monotype, etching print

31 x 41 cm


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