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Grant Pace 

Artist statement

Grant Pace is a 23 year-old multimedia artist based in New York City, where he just graduated with a Bachelors in Environmental Science at Columbia University. His work primarily explores the cognitive dissonance that allows individuals, through collective entities, to contribute to cumulative issues such as environmental degradation and the dehumanization of marginalized groups. Stylistically, this is achieved through a juxtaposition of realism and surrealism in abstract portraiture. His works are identifiable by their meticulous detail, use of inverted color and suggestive color in shadow, and use of intricate patterns and inverted colors. He was the two-time winner of Scholastics' Reflections national visual arts competition in 2014 and 2015 and was recognized as one of 161 U.S. Presidential Scholars by the U.S. Department of Education in 2016 for his academic and artistic accomplishments. To corroborate his commitment to climate change mitigation, Pace has also garnered firsthand experience on the topic he frequently depicts through multiple years as a NASA Climate Change Research Initiative intern. He is currently working at a Brooklyn-based carbon capture startup while deferring his admission to Harvard Law School for two years, where he will study environmental law.


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Margareth Anne

on canvas

35 x 28,5 cm

with frame 43,5 x 36 cm

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