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   Monika Grzelka Markiewicz 



Nearly stormy day

watercolor on paper 300 gm

21 x 29,7 cm

wooden frames cm 5

Still freezing winter

watercolor on paper 300 gm

21 x 29,7 cm

wooden frames cm 5



It's so difficult to choose having or being ( for me being is painting ). I can't stop painting and drawing. Maybe because I'm from artistic family. All my works are painted from nature and show the views and places seen by me during walks in the woods and countryside where I live and from my travelling. The light falling on trees leaves and plants is very important to me. The watercolors works are mainly the period of early spring and winter where I mix the grey of winter with the awakening of bright colours.


Professional Multimedia Graphic - Swietokrzyska University of Technology

After three years of Architecture study - Szczecin University of Technology

Teacher of Artistic Photography I have been painting in ink, watercolors and oil painting for 20 years.


My painting and drawings can be found in the interiors of houses in Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands and America.



Bohema Gallery in Kielce/Poland

Tycjan Gallery in Kielce/Poland

Ado-Art Gallery in Warsaw/Sadyba Best Mall/Poland

Blakier Gallery in Gdańsk/Poland

Tricera Gallery - Japan

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