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  Jennifer Boyuan Han



A love story

acrylic marker on canvas pad

30 x 30 cm


Covid Test

acrylic marker on canvas pad

30 x 30 cm



Dinner party

color paper collage

27 x 39 cm





In my series of paintings, humanoid figures serve as a stark reflection of our society's escalating 'Tech Addiction' and its profound impact on human behavior. I draw upon the imagery of the human-like robot, encapsulated within a box, to symbolize the confinement that technology can impose upon us. By using oil paints, I encapsulate my figures in limited spaces, creating a visual metaphor for our increasing entrapment within the digital world.

My work employs motifs of artificial intelligence and grid-patterned faces as subjects for scrutinizing humanity's direction. In meticulously painting them as true-to-life humans, I blur the boundary between the organic human body and the synthetic robot. This fusion in my paintings exposes an unsettling reality - the gradual transformation of people into robotic, emotionless entities under technology's pervasive influence.

The theme of 'control' is central to my work, which I emphasize through the depiction of robotic humans. These figures also represent an undercurrent of anxiety, a distressing contemplation of the potential adversities that unchecked technology might introduce into our lives.

Through the gridded faces, open brains, intertwined cables, illogical joints, and distortions in my figures, I invite the audience to delve beyond the superficial layers of my artwork. My intention is to provoke a deeper reflection on 'tech addiction' and its repercussions. Ultimately, my work underscores the importance of stepping away from our screens, to truly savor and appreciate the richness of an unplugged life.

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