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  Megan Harmer




acrylic on canvas

80 x 50 cm


acrylic on canvas

80 x 50 cm



My art is an expression of my soul, I create to express an emotion or a point in time, being creative is part of my DNA. Since graduating from university I’ve always been creative, working with pastels or drawing and most recently painting and ceramics. Each illustration, sculpture or painting I make is a challenge and at various stages of the process and brings me joy and peace.



Active, exhibiting artist disciplined in a variety of artistic mediums with an extensive portfolio of work available to view. Over time I have developed a series of illustrations in a sketchbook, these have been transformed into limited edition monochrome prints, a series of paintings and unique sculptures. Exhibiting internationally since 2010 in Madrid then New York City, London, Paris, and Milan. A creative goal was achieved in June 2022 when 12 paintings where exhibited in my first solo exhibition in Milan, Italy at Spazio Tadini Casa Museo. Presented by Monteoliveto Gallery.

Most recently I have created a series of ornate ceramic wall art sculptures themed around the elements of nature. Four of these sculptures were exhibited as photographs in a group exhibition in Milan, Italy in March 2023. I also enjoy experimenting with fashion and merchandise design you can view my collection at

An arts major with a Bachelor of Visual Art in Fine Art at Griffith University (Queensland College of Art) in 1992, majoring in Printmaking and minoring in Ceramics. Completed an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design at CATC Design School in Brisbane in 1994 and began a career as a Graphic Designer in the advertising industry.


Latest exhibitions

2023 March 9 - 6 April 'Art Crossings' group collective exhibition at Spazio Tadini Home Museum, Milan, Italy. Presented by Monteoliveto Gallery

2023 February 15 - February 28 'Whatever we dream...' group exhibition at 15 Rue Saint Bernard, Paris. Presented by Monteoliveto Gallery

2022 June 1 - July 2 2022 'Through your lens' Group Photography Exhibition at Spazio Tadini Home Museum Milan, Italy. Presented by Monteoliveto Gallery

2022 December Artwork published in Spotlight Magazine produced by Circle Arts Foundation

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