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Sabine Heetebrij

Artist Statement

Sabine Heetebrij is a photographer. Her work is often almost abstract. Themes such as decay and transience appear regularly in her work. Preferably in an abstract way and without the involvement of people. It's about decay in a natural way. Natural decay is elusive and inescapable. Anything you leave to nature changes or fades over time. For Sabine that’s a comforting thought. Decay is never hard, sharp and clear, it’s a (sometimes extremely) slow process, a trance. Decay makes new structures, forms and color. A part of the work of Sabine was taken in villages in Spain, Italy and France. In villages like Toiano and Villa Saletta in Tuscany, Italy. Both villages must have been lively in the past. Now they are abandoned and have completely fallen into decay.


Future Exhibitions:

5, 6 en 7 oktober: Nullll Kunstbeurs/Amersfoort

10 en 11 november: Nationale Kunstdagen/Nieuwegein

December 2018: Marziart Hamburg/Duitsland


Past Exhibitions:

2018/2017/2016: MC Slotervaart/ Senior Frendly/Amsterdam NL/NoMo

2018/2017/2016: MC Slotervaart/Almost Famous/Amsterdam NL

2018: Artexpo Summer Rome/ Domus Romana Art Gallery/Rome

2018: Art Zaanstad/Zaandam 2018:Hartgalerij/Laren NH/LenS

2018: Pop up Expositie Anything Goes/Amsterdam/LenS

2018: Expositie Senior Friendly/dr.Sarphatihuis,Amsterdam/NoMo 2018: Gold Tooth Galery/Amsterdam/ LenS

2018: Expositie 'Het Geweten'/Cultureel Centrum Koel 310/ Alkmaar/NoMo

2018: Slingeland Ziekenhuis/Almost Famous/Doetinchem/NoMo

2017: Bologna Italie/Galleria De Marchi/Trevisan International Art/Little Treasures

2017: Nationale Kunstdagen/Beursfabriek/Nieuwegein

2017: Annual Dutch Art Fair/World Fashion Centre Amsterdam NL

2017: Groepsexpositie Eclatant Feest/ Brinkhuis Laren NH/ LenS Fotografie (samen met Linda Grool Fotografie)

2017: Expositie Naarden Off Festival / Naarden / NoMo

2017: Expositie AnOther Naarden / Naarden / NoMo e.a.

2017: Expositie ARTZaanstad

2017 / Zaandam / NoMo

2017: Merkenwinkel Gerard Doustraat/Pop-up expositie "Hidden Stories"/Amsterdam/Linda Grool, fotografie, Keramiekkantoor, keramiek

2017: Cultureel Centrum Koel 310/Kleine stad/Grote stad/ Alkmaar/NoMo

2016: WeekendSalon WG Kunst/"Almost Famous"/Amsterdam NL/NoMo

2015: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis/"Almost Famous"/Amsterdam NL/NoMo

2015: Fotoacademie/Eindexamenexpositie/Amsterdam NL/groep

2015: Loods6/"AIM2015"/Amsterdam NL/groep

2014: WG Kunst/ 'Vergankelijkheid"/Amsterdam NL/groep

2014: MC Zuiderzee/Lelystad NL/groep

2014: West Fries Gasthuis/Hoorn NL/groep

2013: Slotervaartziekenhuis/"Slotervaart in beweging"/Amsterdam NL/groep



2016: Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 11 februari 2016/Trichis Publishing

2015: New Dutch Photography Talent 2016/GUP

2015: In Trance/Sabine Heetebrij/EB



Sabine Heeteberij - Fata Morgana


Fata Morgana

photo in a frame

50 x 50 cm


Available works




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