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  Linda Heim

           Kansas, USA


Heim - Home

Heim Abundance


acrylic on canvas

40.64 x 40.64 cm



acrylic on canvas

40.64 x 40.64 cm



Clouds over the city

acrylic on canvas

50.8 cm x 50.8 cm




My area of focus in art is Symbols of Modern Culture. During meditation and dreams, images appear on my mental screen. These closed-eye visualizations are both personal and universal. I use the symbols in my artwork. Over years, this process has become the Myth of Modern Man, a Symbolist art that documents the current state of 21st Century Culture. It uses visual storytelling with universal appeal to define the state of the global human race, at this point in history. The subject matter in all the works are symbols, whether abstract or more traditional in style. They are intended as visual points of reference that prompt the viewer to experience an emotion in a moment in time. They are highly personal without written words, codes or dialects. They are universal, in this sense, and work without language.

Some symbol paintings resemble dream imagery. Other paintings mark historic events. And still other works document modern culture in generic form, such as Hop on the Freeway and Cityscape. I paint in acrylics and watercolors. I use panorama, circle and square paper and canvases of all sizes especially 12” x 36”, 20” x 20” and 36” x 36”. I also work in wood, tile, clay, metal and print.

Because the works are tribal in nature, my color palette is warm with dark red, yellow ochre, hunter green, dusty blue, and warm grey, as well as other colors with an intensity and value range of 7, on the color scale. I am very specific about mixing color and I am interested in how colors work together in a symbolic way. I use this color palette because this current age in history is referenced; from a metaphysical point-ofview, as a Bronze Age. People are hard and tough. Competition and war for resources dominates people’s behavior. From a symbolic perspective, my artwork represents current truth, no matter how harsh.

My purposeful goal in the artwork is the exchange between the viewer and the art. When viewing the work, the viewer’s personal story is remembered in the context of the mythic symbols. This resonates with the realization that each person more than an individual alone in the world. Their actions have an effect on everyone. We are one race of human beings. In my artwork that looks like petroglyphs and graffiti, the symbols say, “This is our world and we are here now.”



I was a student at the University of Arizona, the Kansas City Art Institute, and the San Francisco Art Institute; where I studied painting, drawing and printmaking. My focus was; and remains, the Symbols of Modern Culture. My paintings were shown in 1975 and 1976 in group shows at the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco, California. After graduating with a BFA Degree, I left San Francisco to become a location artist at Old Tucson Studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Old Tucson Studio was a one hundred twenty-six-acre Western movie location. It had over one hundred buildings with signs, sets and displays set in the period 1880 for use as an antique museum, tourist attraction, and motion picture location. I began as a set artist and learned many techniques used in motion picture artistry. Most of the props and set dressings were made by hand. I did research, set and property design, inventory, carpentry, plaster casting, and advanced painting techniques such as aging.

Eventually, I became the Art Director of the film location and managed a staff of 5 people. I assisted Hollywood Art Directors when they were shooting on location. Under their direction, I worked on thirty-six Western motion pictures and television shows with producers from around the world. After 5-years, I continued my production experience at Cox Broadcasting in Tucson, Arizona. I was the Art Director but also a television producer, director, photographer and editor on live sporting events, documentaries, short subjects, and in-studio productions.

A turning point came in my life when my sister had a child with Leukemia. I moved to Kansas City, Kansas to help her family. I worked as a temporary worker at the corporate office of Hallmark Cards. Through meditation, I began to blend intuition and symbology in my artwork. Symbolist art and books that document the current state of 21st Century Culture; entitled the Myth of Modern Man, was born and codified the direction of my artwork and style from that point forward. These life experiences established a desire in me to blend art and service to the world. I worked at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City. I supported doctors, nurses, fellows and residents in the Child Abuse Clinic, the Emergency Department, and Genetics and Molecular Medicine. I copyedited grants and two medical textbooks that are currently in print today.


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