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  Riitta Hellén-Vuoti [ see other similar works ]

         Kuopio, Finland



Changes to, 1 / 2, 2012

acrylic and oil on canvas

46 x 38 cm

Changes to, 2 / 2, 2012

oil on canvas

46 x 38 cm



Butterflies of the Day fly at night, 2016

oil on canvas

40 x 30 cm


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Riitta Hellén-Vuoti (b. 1959) is a Finnish artist, living and working in Kuopio, Finland. By education she is a licensed medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She has been artistic since her youth, and started dedicating more time to painting and poetry around year 2000. Her artistic focuses remain in painting and poetry. Her works have been on display in various galleries around Finland since the year 2000 and more recently also in London, Milan, Madrid, New York, Paris (2020- ) and now at the rossocinabro gallery in Rome. She is still practicing psychiatrist, but also becoming increasingly well-known as an artist.



I am interested in - and inspired by – the human being and the never – ending complexities of life. In art it is possible to deal with all the questions and concepts in a more intuitive way. When I was young, I thought I would grow up to be a painter, and now life has shown me it is possible. At first, I mainly worked with oil paint on canvas, but now I also use mixed media. Paintings and poems are inner images. They can sometimes be quite similar, or even the same.


About the paintings in the exhibition

The paintings remind me of the constant changes in life. What momentum of events is life, both internally and externally, what whirlwinds and storms we face, and how we experience peace and quiet. Events keep unfolding, no-one is shield from life, and no-one can control it. The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are affecting all over the world. How do we live with the inevitable?

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