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  Cosme Herrera




Comfortable judgment

L 21,60  H 22,86  W17,78 cm

This one , have a little more to it. Is kind of one

dimensional once yo see it from the front. That is the

part of the judgement. In a couching comfortable. At

the bottom of the base. That represents all the

dreams crush. Now. When you si it from the back. Is

plane simple, ugly, unknown, flat. That is the two

faces of when we judge or been judged. We only see

what’s in the surface. Never see all angles.

Moais Moon

L 15,24   H 23,62  W 15,24 cm

This sculpture is the way i see how our ancestors saw

the moon and the starts. With complete admiration,

bsession. Propensity, Devotion , Attraction Enigma,


I try to express that. With the shapes on the moon.







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