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Siberian shaman woman with her drum used to perform a trance ritual

oil on kraft paper

100 x 85 cm


A moment of contemplation

oil on kraft paper

90 x 70 cm





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My name is Idhem San and I’m a Painter for 25 years now. My main work is to paint women, nudes - to expose a privacy assumed - or on a spiritual way, but ever trying to highlight the amazing power of the female energy that we have all inside us. I’m not talking about men and women but about male and female energies such as they were defined throught the Yin et Yang concepts for example.

In my opinion, the World is thought and based on a male energy but, nowadays, mainly on its weaknesses such as its organizational structure (rigid hierarchy, balance of power between humans and a desire to win over the other), its relational methods (competition, egotistical relationships driving to a « Me alone », and not to a « Us together »), its appetite to « have » (materials, money) and its body relationship (rough relationship with their own body with the idea that «the less you listen to your feelings et to the natural rhythm of your body, the more you will win in life »).

I’m deeply convinced that the World needs to improve itself by including more female energy strengths such as not fighting permanently to protect its ego and being agree that we are not in control of all, such as accepting the richness of feelings and conscious listening in its relationships and to be more candy with itself. By learning to resonate correctly with itself, the World would resonate correctly with the rest of the World bringing a healthy personal and global balance, allowing it to reach new awakening stages.


Native from Savoie mountains in France, Idhem San has been combining, for 25 years, the art of female bodies, trying to highlight the most hidden aspects by opting for a voluntary realism with fictional playfulness, sometimes provoking. This personal body, a complex machine inseparable from the mind and object of all fantasies, tends towards an energetic dimension dedicated to questioning: the « inside » is perceived outside and this « outside » is interpreted by other people in its intimacy. With this in mind, Idhem San is also developing a second line of paintings oriented towards “Spiritual Women”, mainly emphasizing the sacred feminine energetic power. Idhem San innovates in the production of nudes by choosing kraft as the support canvas in order to get as close as possible to the skin color of his models and thus, bring a more human vibe to his paintings. Also a photographer, sculptor and plastic artist, Idhem San's artistic approach combines different perspectives : the artist intends to transform the viewer allowing a better feeling of the Anima, whether one is Woman or Man.

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