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  Banke Jemiyo (Oreofe) [ see other similar works ]

         London, UK


Iris Apfel


acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm, 2021

We soul sisters

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm, 2021


Pucker Up Popeye

acrylic on canvas

61 x 61 cm, 2021

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Banke Jemiyo, also known as Oreofe, is a self-taught artist whose love for painting was birthed through sketching portraits, landscape and still life drawings. Her creative journey truly blossomed in March 2020, during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. Since then, Banke has diligently studied and developed her craft.

As an artist, Banke works with medium including acrylic, oil and writing instruments and through contemporary and traditional techniques isn't shy of marrying vibrant colours and eccentric concepts in her paintings. A linguist by profession, Banke's work is inspired by different cultures, often taking an Afro dimension and incorporating fashion inspired themes, poignant visual aesthetics and quirky interiors to create a unique narrative. The Brick Lane and Boomer in London. Her connection with each painting continues to be recaptured and appreciated wordlwide as her creative journey is ever evolving.


Artist Statement

'Bring me the colours of the rainbow and my imagination runs away with me ... I've always believed that life is lived more fully in brighter colours. I grasp inspiration in the most random places: Iris Apfel's wardrobe, the Afrofunk archives and Netflix real-life documentaries to name but a few. My artistic journey in the past year especially, has led me to fall in love and develop my craft in the world of portraiture. In a series of works, my inspiration lies in the expression and representation of identity, the conflicting paradigm between the individual and society. My vision to create pieces that celebrate cultural differences whilst honouring tradition, physical individuality and artistic movements such as the 1950s pop art culture, stands vividly in my heart and to then complement it with my signature explosion of vibrant colours in every painting is a dream!' Banke Jemiyo


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