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Jhoseth Silva  

About Artist

Born on June 4, 1987 in La Paila, Colombia, Jhoseth Alexander Silva is an artist, draftsman and photographer, living in Switzerland since October 2019. He studied three semesters at the Cali Popular Institute of Culture, then three semesters at the departmental institution of Fine Arts of the same city. Some of his most remarkable exhibitions took place in Cali, including Casa Obeso Megia the Tertulia Museum in 2017, the Humberto Hernández Colombo-Americano Art Gallery in 2018, the Alliance Française in 2018 and the Municipal Theater in 2019. Over the last three years, Jhoseth has received several grants for the creation and dissemination of art projects at regional and departmental levels in the city of Cali. He is currently working on several projects, including the one presented here about cosmetic surgeries around the world and the deaths they cause. "I wish to call for reflection on the dehumanization we are experiencing today. With my knowledge and my expertise as an artist, I express the helplessness I feel at the injustice that this causes. This is why my proposal is social, because I would like my plastic work to be accompanied by a positive contribution in people's lives. Transformations, color schemes and techniques, such as chiaroscuro, are part of my work process. Each work makes me discover new modes of realization, which, I think, gives an aesthetic value to each one of them" Jhoseth A. Silva


Aesthetics of nature

graphite on paper

35 x 45 cm without the frame

40 x 50 cm with the frame


Available works




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