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Heidi Kaas

Artist Statement

I paint to breathe. In today's world where everything is so hectic, I worship the process of painting. This is where I relax, meditate, recovering my strength and beliefs in life. I get totally absorbed in the motives that I select for my paintings. Motives that "speaks to me", gives me the feeling of beauty in nature and the worlds atmosphere, interpreting what people in that location may have experienced. The real world is right there, I find it extraordinary and beautiful just as it is. Let’s take care not to destroy it. I am so lucky that I have a house both in Denmark and in France, the latter giving me so much inspiration to motives. Born in 1968 in Copenhagen, where I live and work. I am married and the proud mother of 4 children.



oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm

Available works




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