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  Kaiyen Tu



Stone of Enlightenment #1

66.5 x 99.5 cm


Stone of Enlightenment #2

99.5 x 66.5 cm



Kaiyen Tu care about the infinity and the purpose of human beings, pursue a personal belief of life themes, which is not religious, it can also be viewed as self-expression or art for art’s sake. she think art is inseparable from belief (life). Therefore, she pay attention to life themes in every stage of life, which is the source and the fuel of her creation, which she hope to demonstrate Hermeticism and the alchemy of the spiritual world through photography.


1986 Born in Taipei, Taiwan

2007 Dept. of Advertisement. Fu Hsin Trade and Art School.

2011 Applied Arts Department. Fu Jen Catholic University.

2015 ‘Over The Shadow’ 198 Art Space / Taipei, Taiwan

2018 ‘X by Bluerider’ Nomination / Taiwan

2018 ‘Over The Shadow - Soliloquy’ Smohouse Galler / Taichung, Taiwan

2018 ‘Stillness’ Show Art / Taipei, Taiwan

2018 ‘Made in Taipei’ Onfoto Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan

2018 ‘Made in Taipei’ Honorable Mention / Taipei, Taiwan

2019 ‘Illusory Composition’ Onfoto Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan

2020 ‘2020 Talk Photography Awards’ Nomination / UK

2020 ‘2020 Contemporary Photo & Video Salon’ Auction Center Taipei / Taiwan

2020 ‘Mellow Art Award 2020’ Special prize / Japan

2021 ‘The Others UnKnown TRIP’ vol.1 / Taipei, Taiwan

2021 ’The Best Time‘ Shining Hope-WT Educational Foundation / Taipei, Taiwan

2021 ‘Monovisions Awards 2021’ Honorable Mention in Conceptual Category / Poland

2022 ‘FTArch Mission Foundation – Moon Mission’ One of the winners in Taiwan / USA

2022 ‘Anima Mundi 2022– Consciousness’ International Art Fair Venice / Italy

2022 ‘Time Mother and Eternity’ Sixstone Post-Art Fair / Six Stone Art Space / Taipei, Taiwan

2022 Rome International Art Fair 2022 – 3rd Edition / Italy

2022 ‘Monovisions Awards 2022’ Honorable Mention in Conceptual Category / Poland

2023 Rome Future Week, Rossocinabro, Rome Italy

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