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Artist Statement

The story of the brand “kAtheFee” started in a medieval German castle in the middle of the Thuringian Forest in 2002.The brand unites the art of painting, sketches and photography, the sarcastic philosophy of the blog “Three “S” from kAtheFee” and it is also famous for its reports of jokey “Ananas TV” about trips and the art. The main stream of all projects of kAtheFee is a philosophical search for a balance between ever-changing flow of the modern life and being at rest and the world contemplation from inside. Adhering to the realism she is trying to express her life experience, happenings and impressions through the colorful prism of her personal opinion. The motto of whole brand is “Smile. Create. Live"


The founder of the brand “kAtheFee” is a Viennese artist with Russian background. She was born in Russia in 1983 and presently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. After graduating with an MA in Intercultural Communications in Russia and MBA in Financial Management in Austria she finally returns to her long years passion – drawing and photography. Her creativity and self-finding led her to a small but successful art-studio in Vienna, owned by Ms Dinara Hörtnagl (TOP 100 Young Russian Artists according to InArt version) teaching her drawing and acrylic technique. Among kAtheFee’s art curators there are also Mr Sabit Nurimov (associate professor of St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design and member of Russian Union of Artists, Sankt Petersburg, Russia) giving her masterclasses in oil painting and anatomy sketching, Chinese artist Mr Lo Si (Imperial Academy of Arts, Sankt Petersburg, Russia) curating her contemporary art project. Artworks of kAtheFee can be found in private collections in Russia, Germany and Austria as well as can be purchased on the world renowned art and auction platform ARTSY.



2019 Private Exhibitions in Vienna, Austria

23.7.2020 – 21.8.2020 Venice International Art Fair, BORDERS Festival 2020, Venice, Italy

20.8.2020 - 24.8.2020 THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 2.0 on SWISS ART EXPO, Zürich, Switzerland

2020 Luxembourg Art Prize 2020, Luxembourg (participant)

26.9.2020 - 9.10.2020 “Wiener Linien“, Concept Store & Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2020 “The Corona Case”, Licht Feld Gallery, Basel, Switzerland (participant/catalogue)

1.10.2020 - 30.11.2020 Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy

2021 Group exhibition in the gallery “Galerie Sandpeck Wien 8”, Vienna Austria

2021 Group exhibition in “The gallery Steiner”, Vienna, Austria




27.7.2019 - 3.8.2020 Art-Cruise “ART you LOVE” with Sabit Nurimov, Greece

30.8.2020 - 6.9.2020 Art-Tour „ART you LOVE“ with Dinara Hörtnagl, Corfu, Greece



I want like Banksy

acrylic on canvas

60 x 50 cm


Available works



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