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Monika Blanka Katterwe 

Artist Statement

I was born in Luckenwalde on 16.03.1966. After the High School was the beginning of my long way of studies in science, nature, art and pedagogic: 1

1984-1988 Pedagogy, Art and Mathematics at the University of Applied Science Potsdam;

1991-1993 Art at the Humboldt University Berlin in course of Roland Berger and Ruth Tesmar;

1994-1997 Mathematics at the University Potsdam;

2000- 2002 Mathematic in course of Benno Klotzek and Thomas Jahnke.

1988-2016 I has work as a teacher for art and mathematics at various educational institutions, especially for high school graduates and adults.

2017-2019 Evening academy at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in course of Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz;

Individual workshops with the photographer master Rainer Jordan Berlin;


Publikation of my first photo book “Speaking to” and participation at Aperture PhotoBook Award;

Participation at Open Art Academy Berlin and some art projects.

Winning Open Call - GESTE Paris;

Carmignac Photojournalism Award- 10th Edition: The Amazon my candidacy was amongst the 15 shortlisted by the pre-jury.


WPP Rotterdam presentation of a one large format work in the Laurenskerk;

“Extended Body” London presentation of the “Cybernetic Woman”;

“Borders Festival” Venice presentation of “An Angel in cocoon”.

During my educational activity I puts special emphasis on the practical teaching of scientific foundation among the students combined with development high quality of multiple perceptibility and very good skills set around decrypt images. It was important to me introduce my students to intercultural collaboration. We participated especially at international competitions.

Since 2016 my interest applies the story of photography and his practical implementation in artistic form and lots parts of nature, especially crystals and the space time continuum. So I use scientific, artistic libraries for my individually education and public scientific lectures. In the joint projects with scientists and interested citizens, I was able to further develop my communication skills through photographs. Taking advantage of this, lately I began to establish international contacts with photographers, art lovers and artists via various networks and personal encounters. The exchange enables me to gain a deeper understanding of the culturally influenced diverse artistic expressions. This is a basis for the further development of my artistically scientific light painting as a globally form of communication.

The actually combination of light painting with sculptural, multimedia elements opens up new expressive dimensions for me.


“The fluid space time continuum”

Frei nach Descartes Annahme in seinen Prinzipien der Philosophie, dass nicht bloß die Materie der Sonne und der Fixsterne, sondern diejenigen des ganzen Himmels flüssig ist, untersuchte ich fotografisch-wissenschaftlich fluide Strukturen auf Ihre Besonderheiten. Die bei der Beobachtung der Bäche in meiner Heimatstadt entdeckten Besonderheiten hinterfragte ich im Fotolabor. Der Versuchsaufbau wurde dabei speziell auf die Visualisierung dynamischer fluider Strukturen ausgerichtet, um diese genauer beobachten zu können. Den zufälligen spielerischen Effekt ergab die Ergänzung des Versuchsaufbaues mit unterschiedlichen Hindernissen bei der Durchmischung des Fluids mit Luft. Die beim wissenschaftlich kreativen Spiel gewonnenen Erkenntnisse verglich ich mit Formulierungen in unterschiedlichen wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen und nutzte auch gern astronomische Beobachtungen zur vergleichenden Betrachtung. Diese Untersuchungen mündeten im Triptychon. Er präsentiert dem aufmerksamen Betrachter in einer verdichtenden künstlerisch- wissenschaftlichen Fotomalerei einzelne Prinzipien des Seins.


Freely after Descartes assumption in his Principles of philosophy, that not only the matter of the sun and the fixed stars, but that of the whole sky is liquid, I examined photographically scientifically fluid structures for their peculiarities. When I was watching the streams in my hometown, I questioned the peculiarities in the photo laboratory. The experimental setup was specifically designed to visualize dynamic fluid structures in order to be able to observe them more closely. The accidental playful effect resulted in the addition of various additional obstacles to the mixing of the fluid with air. In compared the knowledge gained in the scientific creative game with formulations in various scientific publications and I also like to use astronomical observations for comparative purposes. These investigations culminated in the triptych. He presents the attentive viewer with individual principles of being in a condensed artistic and scientific photo painting.



Structure formation in the fluid

photo painting fine art print at Museo max fixed on Alu-Dibond

128 x 85 cm

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