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  Giorgi Kavelashvili




watercolor and white japanese pigment (gofun)

on plywood

47 x 47 cm


„in this work i try to show the moment when yellow

spark shining inside of the imagination, all around of

yellow just serve for his shining. i trying to catch this

moment of the borning the yellow spark, inside of me

and show this with abstract way“.


watercolor and ink on plywood

41 x 44 cm



„in every moment of the breath in the body coming

new life new energy . prana comes inside and give

being to be. this moment is a point where life begins.

after a drawing of the "point" i started to see and

feel ths moment“.


Sun kiss

watercolor, acrylic and gofun on plywood

60 x 46 cm


„in process of drawing of the painting i followed of

my imagination. in the yellow space full on energy,

borns brown abstract being and this new life in

process of the self created, self forming. his process of

find of himself are slow but with bless of coloros of







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