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Angela Keller 

Artist Statement

“Painting is for me passion and joyful experiment; never knowing where the painting wants to go in this endless world of fantasy, mystery and surprise.”


Angela Keller grew up in Switzerland and followed an eclectic career as palaeontologist, Jungian analytical psychotherapist, and painter. She took lessons in drawing and painting at the School of Arts and Crafts at the University Extensions and attended art classes under the Swiss painter, Toni Grieb. From 1999 to the present day, Angela has exhibited her works in numerous international art shows.

Angela creates experimental, playful artwork with hints of dreams, fantasy, and charm. Her paintings fluctuate between surrealism and symbolism; they are dreamy, surreal, and lyrical in their balance between fantasy and reality. The viewer is called to examine a visionary experimentation of a poetic and surreal intelligence and of an ironic essence where nothing is impossible.

Angela’s paintings depict wild animals, lightweight elephants, “animalized moons” and other imaginative imagery while also incorporating certain realistic elements, such as the coast of Portugal or the villages in Calabria, Southern Italy, where Angela currently lives and works.



Spectrum Miami Art Fair December 5-9, 2018 Artblend Gallery of Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Arte libera tutti” PromArte,  Arte Borgo Gallery  Roma  22 giugno -l 2 luglio 2018

Shalom - Pace - artisti israeliani e internazionali a confronto MUSEO MIIT – Torino 5 – 23 GIUGNO 2018 per il primo anno europeo del patrimonio culturale della Comunità Europea

FuturArte 2018 - Museo Internazionale Italia Arte in occcasione del 31° Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino

ARTEXPO NYC 4-7 aprile 2019

Angela Keller - rocking horse in transit


Rocking horse in transit

oil color on linen

90 x 90 cm



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