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  Tommi Ketonen



Human mind

graal class tecnique

25 x 16 x 16 cm

In mirror, in dreams

graal class tecnique

28,5 x 23,5 x 14 cm



Glass artist Tommi Ketonen (1970, Helsinki, Finland) specializes in unique solid glass sculptures made using the Graal technique. Ketonen designs and makes all the sculptures himself. The colorful sculptures often conceal female faces and have an organic form and a distinctive style. Ketonen's work has a pop artistic nuance and influences from tattoo culture. The watchmaker's craftsmanship and goldsmith's skills are reflected in a certain unwavering precision in his glass art. As a tattoo artist, Tommi Ketonen brings a certain openness to using colours and handling molten glass. Each sculpture has a unique color combination that creates a background and inspiration for the engraved and blown motifs in the glass. In the final stage of the working process, when the glass mass is melted, the outer surface coating of the sculpture is brought into its final form by gravity and rotational movement, without tools. The resulting free organic form takes on an aesthetic natural beauty and an optic that contributes to the whole work. It takes at least a week to complete a single sculpture due to the many cooling and heating phases as the material is extremely sensitive to the slightest disturbance in the manufacturing process.

Ketonen's way of making art focuses primarily on what attracts him and what attracts his own attention without actual role models. Making glass in the hot shop feels free but quite physical, while working the image into the blank is a small detail that you can immerse yourself in for hours - both stages are fascinating in their own way. The general pleasure in making glass with all the working steps is an important part of the creative process for him.



2019-2022 Artesan’s Vocational Education of the Glass Field, Tavastia Vocational College, Nuutajärvi

2019-2021 On-the-job learning, Mafka&Alakoski

1994 Goldsmith course for watchmakers Goldsmith studies in a goldsmith’s shop

1991 Gemology studies 

1988-1991 Watchmaker, Finnish school of Watcmaking, Kelloseppäkoulu, Tapiola, Espoo


Solo Exhibitions

2022- Gallery Tommi Ketonen, Changing Exhibition, Nuutajärvi Glass Village

2023 Teijon Masuuni Obscura, Preserved in Glass 25.7.-3.9.2023 Teijo

2023 ARS Longa Gallery, The Many Faces of Glass 12.4.-30.4.2023 Helsinki

2022 Loviisa Art Society, Almintalo’s Great Halls. Moments of Humanity 5.12.-22.12.2022, Loviisa


Collaborative and Group Exhibitions

2023 230th Anniversary Exhibition of Nuutajärvi, 18.5.-27.8.2023

2023 Parcus Gallery Exhibitions:

- Espace Sorbonne 4, Paris 1.-9.9.2023

- Galerie Nadine Feront, Brussels 17.-27.8.2023

- Medina Art Gallery, Roma 23.5-1.6.2023

- Art Shopping Paris, Le Carrousel du Louvre, 31.3-2.4.2023

- Parcus Gallery, Castle Aistersheim, Austria 2/2023

2023 PROTO – Designers’ association of Northern Finnland, Glass Summer 2.6.–12.8.2023

2022 ARS Longa Gallery, Sale collection, Multiple sculptures, 10/2022

2022 Nuutajärvi Lux -Light event, Collection ”Haaveen liekki mua kuljettaa, oon vapaa luokses saapumaan” (glass and steel pieces) 26.11.-18.12.2022

2022 The Glass Age, Exhibition of New Glass Art, Nuutajärvi Gallery Cooperative NuGo27.5-11.9.2022, Nuutajärvi

2022 Voipaala Art Center, Curated Glass Art Theme Exhibition, Human – Stories in Glass 12.2.-10.4.2022

2021 The Finnish Glass Museum, Degrees, Collaborative Exhibition, Riihimäki

2021 Gallery Colmio, Clarity Glass Art Exhibition, Porvoo Old City



2022- Nuutajärven Lasitaitajat ry, Lasikomppania. Nuutajärvi Glassworkers Association



2021 Regenerative Project for Technology Properties, Art Competition, BioCity Parking Hall ramp’s Artistic Implementation, Turku

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