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  Hea Ja Kim [ see other similar works ]

         Milano, Italia


Walking into

acrylic on canvas

50 x 50 cm

Walking into

acrylic on canvas

40 x 50 cm



fine print on wood

40 x 40 cm

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"My name is Hea Ja Kim and I am an emerging artist. I was born on October 20, 1964 in Korea and I have always appreciated art in all its forms.

I started painting from a young age and I never stopped cultivating my self-taught passion. After middle school I decided to turn my dream into reality, starting to study at specific schools. I graduated in Fine Art Ewha university in 1987 and then I moved to Italy, where I studied at the institute Marangoni in the textile design sector. After completing my studies, I started working for a large fashion brand, for which I designed and created several collections for two years. After that I started to walk the fashion sector, becoming the CEO of two businesses commercial.

Now I dedicate most of my time to art contemporary and Digital art spending my days painting: transmitting lived emotions and feelings to all my paintings"


She live and works in Milan, Italy



"The inspiration for my paintings comes mainly from nature, where I like to lock myself up to be able to stay calm and breathe clean air after a working day. In my works I prefer the blue color, which makes me think of the sky, of hope and tranquility. I like to reflect, in my paintings, all the emotions I feel every day, as if I could enclose a story in one of my works" 


"L'ispirazione per i miei dipinti viene principalmente dalla natura, dove mi piace rinchiudermi per poter stare calmo e respirare aria pulita dopo una giornata di lavoro. Nei miei lavori prediligo il colore blu, che mi fa pensare al cielo, alla speranza e alla tranquillità. Mi piace riflettere, nei miei quadri, tutte le emozioni che provo ogni giorno, come se potessi racchiudere una storia in una delle mie opere"



Laureato Fine art Ewha women università nel 1987

Istituto Marangoni per design textile (1991-1993) Milano 2021


Esperenze lavorative

Lavoro presso Studio Acamemy srl designer per textile:1993-1996

Lavoro presso Imagin srl designer per collection Versace (1998-1999)

Ceo Hg moda Srl (2014) Ceo 20fashion (2019)



A60 art contemporary art space Milano 2021

Arte contemporary venice 2021

Desidera arte festival 2021

Biennale Milano 2021

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