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Oleg Kirnos

I'm a Ukrainian painter from the city of Dnipro. I work in different styles and techniques, creating paintings, graphic and sculptural works. I was influenced when creating works by Post-impressionism, Expressionism and Post-modernism. I like to depict various picturesque things, especially nature and portraiture.

In painting, I strive to create colorful paintings, in which I try to put a certain meaning. I often create surreal works. In my portrait work, I strive to convey not only the character of the personage, but add his own lyrical interpretation and dramatic effect.

I'm artist who began painting at an early age by attending an art studio for children led by a talented Ukrainian teacher, Natalia Tarasenko.

Since childhood, I participated in art exhibitions. Received the diploma of an engineer-metallurgist and opened my own business in this area. Nonetheless, I have never stopped to engage in fine art. I work mostly with oil, though through the years he has also experimented with watercolor, drawing, and sculpture.

In addition, I plan to take part in various exhibitions in Europe and America this year.




oil on canvas

50 x 35 cm

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