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Marta Kisiliczyk

Artist Statement

Born and educated in Poland, Marta completed her Masters’ Degree in Painting and Artistic Tapestry at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where she enjoyed success at many joint and solo exhibitions. Following that, she has been living in London for over a decade in order to reach a broader audience, establishing herself in the one of the world's most important art markets.

Her work has been regularly featured at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park and AAF in Hampstead Heath in London, as well as presented at other prestigious events such as London Art Fair. Marta's artworks have been shown in many UK art galleries and her paintings are now part of art collections in England, Netherlands, Austria, South Africa and Poland.

Recently she got selected to take a part in Chianciano Art Biennale in Italy, where she received the First Prize from International Confederation of Art Critics.


Marta's deep connection with nature has always been an endless and exciting source of inspiration for her art. Pursuing a passion for travel, she has spent the last few years traveling around the world discovering new landscapes and honing her individual perception of the natural world that inspire her oil paintings and murals. She is currently sharing her time between Europe and South East Asia, which has become a second home to her for some time.

In her own words, “I have to fall deeply in love with the object or landscape I am painting.” This is immediately apparent when viewing her rich and evocative images. Texture is an important part of her painting, but Marta believes it is colour and dynamic that really define her work. Marta paints through her emotions, and her intention is to inspire a meaningful connection between the images she creates and the receiver of her art.



Marta Kisiliczyk


Jungle of emotions

oil on canvas

100 x 120 cm


Available works




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