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 Denisa Klemscheová [ see other similar works ]

        Prostějov, Czech Republic


The Roots of Life

oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm

Chapel of St. Sarkander

oil on canvas

70 x 50 cm



The Guardian Angel

oil on canvas

40 x 60 cm

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PhDr. and Mgr. Denisa Klemscheová is a modern impressionist who combines colors in an original way and her painting has a distinctive structure. Due to her specific way of creation, she is popular and exhibits in several world capitals. London - United Kingdom, The Brick Lane Gallery (February 2020, August 2019), New York - USA, ARTHOUSE NYC (June 2020), Vienna - Austria, Hubertendorf Castle, PAKS Gallery (January 2020-2021), MAMAG Modern Art Museum (2020 -2021), Munich - Germany, PAKS Gallery (January 2020-2021), Prague - Czech Republic - Weinberg Auction (March 2020). Denisa Klemsche's distinctive personal style reflects her deep spirituality, passion and vibrant spirit. As a child, she received an award for her innate talent in international competitions. He is a self-taught painter, inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Claud Monet. Her paintings tell stories about life and her inner spiritual world. He is completing a doctorate in theological anthropology and the study of art therapy. At the University of eské Budjovice, she is preparing to publish her monograph, which will be enriched with her own works of art. Selected exhibitions: New York - USA, ARTHOUSE NYC (June 2020), Paris - France, Louvre PAKS Gallery (October 2021) with the PAKS Gallery, Cannes - France with PAKS Gallery (May 2022)


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