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Nahoko Kohno 

Artist Statement

Current situation is very important for her. When she was conscious to forgetting, she doubted the concept of memory. Then she noticed that it was important to feel her experience, emotion, thinking. But It is different from neglecting memory. Current hers is stacking that choice based on the will of past hers. And it is continuing all the time. When she makes art works, she most important is ‘Choice based on the will’. Oil painting takes time to complete, so difficult to handle. But this time passage is taking the shapes as the hers art works.


Nahoko was born 1992 in Hokkaido, Japan.

2017 she enrolled in the Art School FAM.

2018 Contemporary Painting Exhibition - The Brick Lane Gallery, London.


The narrators who ooze out from a trace/A crowd of comets

oil on canvas

41 x 32 cm

Available works




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