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  Kirsten Kohrt

           Neubrandenburg, Germany



acrylic on canvas

cm 100 x 80


acrylic on canvas

cm 80 x 100




Born 1961 as a summer child in Neubrandenburg/Mecklenburg/Germany. Since childhood highly sensitive and employment with painting and art. Polytechnic high school, vocational training as a business clerk, study and completion of the Economics. Employed in business. Distance study at a Swiss art school for one year. Termination for health reasons (rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 1 year). 1990 Retirement from professional life. For 2 decades life in the Hamburg area and Schleswig-Holstein. She painted sporadically, mostly during stays in her beloved French Brittany on the Atlantic. REIKI master/teacher according to Mikao Usui. Energy work with hands for people, animals, plants, spaces, aura and chakra harmonization. From THEN on Kirsten Kohrt began to paint and hasn’t stopped since on. Intuition flows. Intuitive, spontaneous, inside out, very free… Her art is high vibrating. Each work of art therefor has its own vibration. Many a work of arts has its own life, can already influence the owner very positively and in a healing way. She creates diversity, powerful images and soul landscapes. She loves variety and doesn’t follow any trends. She follows her intuition alone. When painting, the creative process takes on a strong momentum of its own. At the beginning of the creative process, she usually doesn’t even know what’s going on. She surprises herself with her intuitive create. This trust in yourself, in your inner voice, their intuition, and playing with colours and techniques key to their success. It happens that she paints and only later finds out why just this. The painting „Solarstorm“ was created during a wild dance on the screen. She found out much later that it was a solar storm.



2011 Hamburg/Germany Event Center KKK „Waves of colours“

2012 Hamburg/Germany Event Center KKK Eppendorf “Magic of elements“

2013/2014/2015 Schleswig-Holstein/Germany „Wentorfer culture week“

2013/2014 „“ New York/Long Island/USA

2013/2014/2015 SCOPE ART Miami/USA

2014 „ takeover“ New York City Times Square/USA

2021 „Something Beautiful“ La Pigna Gallery-Palazzo Maffei Marescotti Rome/Italy

2020/2021 „Over the realms dreams“ Edition VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII Museo Bellini Florence/Italy

2021 „Daydreaming“ Gallery Ess&rrE Rome/Italy

 2021 Leonardo da Vinci The Universal Artist 4th International Prize Florence Borghese Palace/Italy

2021 Mentioned in magazines of contemporary art Art&trA

2022 „ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MAGAZINE“ 1/2022 directed by Salvatore Russo.

„Artists of Today and Tomorrow 2“ from Monica Ferrarini Gangemi Editore International Arte


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