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Ioanna Konstantinou

Artist Statement

Ioanna Konstantinou is a Greek painter who uses Nature as an inspiration subject to create her own imaginary landscapes. The media she uses is mainly acrylic paint on linen canvas which is prepared with coarse pumice gel or watercolor on handmade and cotton paper. Ioanna Konstantinou has studied Art at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece (1976-1981) and Art Conservation and Restoration at the Paris 1, Sorbonne University (1981-1985) with the French Government's Scholarship. She has worked for several years as a professor of paper conservation at the Technological Institute of Education in Athens, but since 1992 she is dedicated to painting. She has had personal exhibitions in Athens, Paris, Oslo, London, and Vienna.



Sea landscape

acrylic on linen canvas

40 x 40 cm


Available works




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