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  Michael Kopplstätter [ see other similar works ]

         Hohenems, Austria


Don’t play with me

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

I can’t see you anymore

acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

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Artist Statement

I am a German artist who lives and works in Austria. When I was young, I spent some time in New York where I got to know the German artist Salome, an artist from the art movement, The New Wild (die Neue Wilde). ​ In the 1980s, Salome’s group was considered a counter-movement to prevailing conceptual art scene during which they shifted to painting. Needless to say, I was infected by the spontaneous and expressive elements of the Neue Wilde at a young age. I currently work and live in Dornbirn and Schwarzenberg, Austria. ​ My works are mostly large format oil- and acrylic paintings which are simultaneously realistic and alienating. Shapes and contours are blurred, out of focus, distorted or alienated. However, the realistic impression is retained and is heightened by a dynamic color composition. Since 2011, I have been working in my studio located in Hohenems in the historic Villa Rosenthal, as well as in my studio loft in the building of the Arche Noah Museum since 2018. My switch to representational painting may have been impacted by my prior work as Designer, or be interpreted as a counter-movement to the still prevalent conceptual art genre. The influence from artist Salome in my early years can still be seen today in recurring “violent” details. If noted that the general trend is back to painting in recent years, especially in its figurative formulation, this would mean that my works are associated with these mediums: individual handwriting, expression, singularity, references to historical positions. Portraits and depictions of women play a vital role in my work. In the portraits and depictions of women, the vulnerability and its effects of passion are brought out. Objectively merging and dissolving, the protagonists depict themselves in a unique and modern expressive language. The surfaces are often filled with opaque layers and the images are gentle but built up expressively in layers. Like visions, bodies and portraits tremble and loll, flooded with sex appeal. They resist invisible norms while the viewer stands before them in silence. In the portraits, he literally dips into their eyes. The painting approaches the viewer, expressively abstract, yet based on a clear object. Vital brushwork features appear increasingly free in front of the surface as tension builds up in the juxtaposition of density and looseness, intensity and silence. In addition to my portraits and nudes, the fascination with the forces of nature and the self-destructive manner in which our society deals with it forms an important part of the work. In view of the ecological, social and economic dynamics of the last decade, it is increasingly clear that the imperative of constant growth is no longer a sustainable vision for our future, if we want one at all. A cultural shift is not in sight and we are on a course of destruction and ruthlessness. With regards to social criticism, I make light of topics such as religion, cruel rituals, sexual assault, and obsession with power and destruction. I work excessively with spatula techniques, torn up surfaces of earth and destructive elements, with underlying sadness and calm. Nature works are the large format ocean paintings to which I feel a strong connection. I work out the primal force of the sea by applying complex, excessive oil so that the water movements protrude several centimeters from the canvas. The viewer gives total respect for the ocean, its enormous amounts of water, the power of its waves and the fascinating play of colors on the light of the water. In addition to representational formulation, my Oeuvre is strongly influenced by an expressive narration, but also continually inspired by different influences such as Gerhard Richter, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon and Basquiat. I do not simply fit into any category. I defend myself against such formal restrictions. My paintings portray inner realities which move me and which are constantly being reformulated within me. The creation of my works is, therefore, not dependent on detailed planning, but a spontaneous creative process. Beyond concept and rules, my proverb “art is dope not chicken soup” is almost a bit in the way of the viewer’s experience. Despite the abundance of associations that inevitably arise in all works, mine are primarily characterized by an emotional, gestural language of forms. Perhaps this is the reason why my works polarize.



Michael Kopplstätter geboren 1966 in Austria

lebt und arbeitet in Dornbirn und Schwarzenberg, A

1985 Abitur

1986 Studium Architektur Universität Innsbruck

1987/88 New York USA. Bekanntschaft mit dt.Künstler Salome und der “Neuen Wilden” Bewegung

1988-1990 Studium Fashion Fachhochschule Nagold

1990-1996 Düsseldorf Designer und Künstler seit

1997 in Dornbirn, A



2021 Artbox Project Swiss Art Expo Zürich, CH

2021 Exclusiv Milliardärs Exhibition at AGStein Werft, Bodensee, A

2021 Westergas, Amsterdam, NL

2021 Borders Venice during 17th Biennale Venice, Italy (ACIT iItalian German Cultural Association and It's Liquid Group 2021 Venice International Art Venue, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy

2021 Gruppenausstellung Macelleria D’Arte St. Gallen, Ch (upcoming uncertain timing due to Covid)

2021 Artbox Zürich, Ch 2021 Gruppenausstellung mit Christoph Getzner Markus Getzner (cancelled Covid)

2021 Einzel Museumausstellung Contemporary Room, Hohenems, A

2020 Swiss Art Expo Zürich, Ch

2020 Benfit Auction ibizia Art Project Art Saves the sea, Ursula Stross Gallery, Graz, A

2019 Einzelausstellung Ernst Fuchs Museum Wien, A (cancelled)

2019 Pop up Galerie Philosophikum Lech am Arlberg, A

2019 Gruppenausstellung Tunnelgalerie Lech am Arlberg, A

2017/18 Einzelausstelllung Tunnelgalerie Lech am Arlberg, A 2015 Artists for Refugees Landesmuseum Bregenz, A

2015 Einzelausstellung Ruckburg, A Frühere Ausstellungen in New York, Dusseldorf, Dornbirn



2018 Panoptikum, Otto Berger, Artist Table Book



Sammlung BVR, A

Sammlung Times Art, D

Collection Arnold, NJ, USA sowie diverse Sammlungen in D und CH

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