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Stairway to Heaven

acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 cm

Heaven and Hell

acrylic on canvas

120 x 100 cm



The Guardian

acrylic on canvas

150 x 100 cm


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Alexandra Kordas, artist Between heaven and hell, life and death, joy and pain - the works of art by Alexandra Kordas address the rift between redemption and damnation. Her leitmotif, the Christ Cross, sets powerful impulses in her works as a symbolism for the confrontation. "My art comes from the depths of the soul and does not need to be constructed," comments Alexandra Kordas, who only created her first artwork in 2018 and has not put down her brush since. The trigger for this creative boost was an illness of her son two and a half years ago, which she held at home for weeks. Lonely and frustrated, she suddenly felt a deep desire to become artistically active. She listened to her inner voice and started. From that moment on, she never stopped painting and created paintings, sculptures and installations in many ways, in various forms and materials. The inspiration for her works of art comes mainly directly from her soul. Alexandra Kordas wakes up at night and sees her next motif in front of her. Current social and political hotspots of our world play a major role in this, as do current spiritual, emotional and intellectual influences. Between heaven and hell, life and death, joy and pain, the themes of her works of art move in the conflict of the poles. The symbol of the cross runs like a handwriting through her contemporary - sometimes provocative - works. The artist does not attach any theological importance to the cross, but the cross stands with her as a symbol of shame, as it did in the early Christian period. Her art gives the artist the opportunity to open in a creative way that she would have previously thought of being impossible. For her, art is the form of expression in order to be able to reveal and process her feelings and deep emotional injuries from her childhood unfiltered. For Alexandra Kordas, it is essential that her art points the finger at the wounds of society and the injuries of human beings. Her art is meant to open the eyes of the viewers. In doing so, the artist consciously addresses difficult topics that one does not normally like to look at, because they are painful and hurt. It’s her intention to bring the viewers into contact with the problems and grievances of our world in order to stimulate an argument. Alexandra Kordas previously worked as an actress and screenwriter. Especially the work on a screenplay, which took place in the Second World War, had a lasting influence on the artist and still employs her today. For the script, she interviewed many contemporary witnesses who touched her deeply and made it impossible for her to live and think as before. The artist did not receive any artistic training in the classical sense. Her artistic creativity and passion matured in the 10 years at the Waldorf School (Rudolf Steiner School), whose teaching program focuses on the creative, artistic and spiritual world. In the artist's childhood, traumatic things happened that confronted and hurt her with pain and passion. But she also had the privilege of a very carefree and independent life on the other side, which is why today her artistic discord between "paradise and purgatory" stems.

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