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Riikka Korpela 

Riikka Korpela (FIN) graduated from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences as a Visual Artist in 2012. She lives and works in Berlin. She enjoys using photography, digital art, collage and printmaking as techniques in her works. She likes to document her surroundings in places which she has visited and transform them to surreal landscapes inhabited by unreal creatures. 



2008-2012 Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Artist


Future exhibitions

Spring 2021 Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy


Private exhibitions

2016 Don't switch off the lights vol. 2, Hirvitalo - gallery, Tampere, Finland Mindscapes, Jää-äär Cafe, Berlin

2014 A Face Gallery, Culture Club Still Standing, Seinäjoki, Finland

2013 Special waste - Ongelmajäte, with Emma Marjamäki, Patruunagalleria-gallery, Lapua, Finland

2010 Who is afraid of himself, with Jenna Ihalainen, Varjo Galleria-gallery, Rovaniemi, Finland


Group exhibitions


A New Beginning, Van Der Plas-gallery, New York City, New York


Mater ”Reconditis Oedipus”, M.A.D.S. Milano, Milan, Italy

Colour Boom - Second Edition, Boomer Gallery, London, UK


Synopsis, with Janelin Kinnunen and Jere Ala-Jeesiö, Kulttuuribingo-gallery Oulu, Finland


Don’t Switch off the lights, Park Am Gleisdreieck, Berlin, Germany

Om'pu gallery's group exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

Shop window exhibition, Kallio kukkii - festival, Frida Marina -Vintage Clothing Shop, Helsinki, Finland

The Beat of Awareness, Kankaanpään Galleria, Kankaanpää, Finland

On the road to the Mania, photography exhibiton in Legioonateatteri, Tampere, Finland

It’s only you behind the glass and mask, Görlitzer Park, Berlin, Germany

The group exhibition of Artist's Associaton of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpään Galleria, Kankaanpää, Finland


Shop window exhibiton, Kallio kipinöi - festival, Frida Marina Vintage Clothing Shop, Helsinki, Finland

Kinokult-festival, Turku, Finland

On the Canvas, Museum of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland

Outside, Koroistenniemi, Turku, Finland

The Artists' Association of Kankaanpää 2013, Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland


Satakunta of Joy and Light 2012- Project, Behind the display- Shop window exhibition, Marivarumo, Kankaanpää, Finland

Silminnäkijät/ Eyewitnesses, Art Degree Show, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland

A Group Exhibition of a Photography Class of Kankaanpää Art School , Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland

Subjective, A photography exhibition, Saikku-restaurant, Pori, Finland


Art School Sales Expo, Kankaanpää, Finland

Playdate, the gallery of Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland

Waterheads, the gallery of Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland

Art School Sales Expo, Imatra, Finland

Problems of fitting in, the gallery of Library of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland


Frost bites, the gallery of Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland


Art School Sales Expo, Kankaanpää, Finland The Harvest, the gallery of Art school of Kankaanpää, Kankaanpää, Finland


Other artistic activity

worked as a photographer at numerous events and weddings

done illustrations and designed logos for entrepreneurs

worked for companies such as Canon and Sony

worked at Särö's Artist Recidency in Berlin

studied music theory and Pop & Jazz singing at Kankaanpää's Music College

attended to many theatre workshops in Finland

made music and compositions to art videos


Works in Collections

City of Kankaanpää - Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy


Who cares if one more light goes out?

digital art quality print under acrylic glass

60 x 40 cm

Available works



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