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Sophokles Koutris

29.08.1937 Born in Mytilini (Lesbos).

1957-58 English and drawing lessons in Cape Town.

1959-64 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens engraving.



1. For composition in colored copper engraving.

2. For composition in copper engraving.

3. For nude – copper engraiving.

From 1970 Participation in congresses of the "International Society for Education through Art" (InSEA) in Coventry (England), Helsinki (Finland), Zagreb (Yugoslavia) Hamburg (Germany).

1974 National Scholarship for studies in topography and engraving at Coventry Polytechnic (Department of Art) in Lanchester.

1995 Doctoral thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens (Grade: "Excellent").


Teaching (in schools and universities)

1965-72 College of Education, Mytilini.

1973-79 Faculty of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Nursery school, Private school De La Salle in Thessaloniki and others.

1979-80 Polytechnic Institute of Thessaloniki.

1984 -2004 Sports University of Thessaloniki (TEFAA).

2004 Retirement.


Group Exhibitions

1964- 65: Rome, Brussels, Paris (His work: "Boats on a red beach" is in the National Library of Paris), USA (Los Angeles, Miami, Florida), Chamber of Craft Athens, Lesbos (in Aeolian May 1967-68), Mythymna (Lesbos)


Solo Exhibitions

Gallery "Kochlias" (well known in Thessaloniki).

Gallery "Eirmos" (well known gallery in Thessaloniki) mainly paintings.

Exhibition of some works with athletic and artistic topics at the inauguration a modern sports hall of TEFAA (Sports University of Thessaloniki).


Sophokles Koutris uses to organize an exhibition only after a completion of a thematic unit, instead of exposing individual works in galleries from time to time. His work includes both paintings, engraving in wood and copper.



A. Paintings

1. Cubist analysis of landscapes and seascapes.

2. Search for a new shape: a modern, plastic reproduction of nature and people (combination of Dali and Cezanne).

3. Complex representation of man and nature.

B. Engraving

1. Representation of various topics in a cubist way of thinking - nudes, landscapes, composition of figures. Engravings, lithographs, copper engravings, colored woodcuts.

2. Woodcuts in black and white. The central theme: Man in his natural environment.

3. Colored woodcuts. Topic: Our impersonal world.

4. Colored woodcuts. Topics: The man of the new age/pictures of islands.

C. Writings

Numerous books about art and didacting of arts.


Mondo felice

oil on canvas

157 x 196 cm


Available works




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