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  Sonja Kresojevic

           London, UK



acrylic on canvas

100 x 75 cm


acrylic on canvas

100 x 75 cm



Sonja Kresojevic is a Serbian self-taught artist, living and working in London. A newcomer to the professional art world, Sonja started her artistic journey in response to a life-long inquiry into questions of identity and belonging. As an abstract painter, she works intuitively, harnessing the power of movement to create bold, instinctive compositions, combining vibrant colors and emerging forms. She is passionate about cross-disciplinary inquiry, exploring dance, visual art, and music, and co-creating unique “languages” of expression.

In her recent work, she has been responding to the deconstruction of her own life: questioning her sense of self, belonging, motherhood, and work…inquiring into what remains when experiences of life break our hearts. Each piece with its unique expression of movement, shape, color, and sound, mirrors fragments of her own experience with others, and the world at large. In their freedom to move and connect they allow for a creation that is always changing, recreating, and regenerating itself, allowing a new path forward.



M.A.D.S Gallery Milan: “Visceral” June, 28th – July, 4th 2022

Galeria Azur Madrid: “Heart Beat” October 13 – November 14 2022

Rossocinabro Gallery Rome, November 1 – December 31 2022

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