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         Horsham, United Kingdom


Lize Kruger

Lize Kruger

Clouds of war



Dreams versus realities II



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Artist Statement

People, their emotions and thought processes constantly intrigue me. By taking on the observer's position, I manage to appreciate their circumstances and struggles. This way I am able to see them in their unique context.

It’s essential to me to seek and discover meaning and beauty in the most painful situations and darkest nights of our earthly existence. Current issues of the day, addressing injustice, creating awareness about certain aspects of life, for instance, mental health, abuse, fear, angst, loss and grief, are all themes that I aim to convey in my work.

I feel passionate about the global refugee crisis, the increasing suicide rate, growing intolerance and the threat of the global rising of fascism. In short, mainly about the human condition, regardless of age, race, culture, or religion. I need to give it an image, make it concrete. It can be seen as gloomy topics or themes by the general public. To me however, all these aspects are part of Life.

I aim to turn unspeakable and unapproachable topics into Life-and Love-affirming works. In order to do that, I need to dig deep into my own psyche, confront my own fears and hopes, and work through them in order to tackle these themes with integrity and authenticity.



LIZE received her BA FINE ART Degree in 1988 in South Africa.

She had numerous solo exhibitions and partook in various group exhibitions through the years. In the Earle 2000’s and before she moved to the UK in 2014, she taught art lessons to students of a quadriplegic facility, and a centre for underage rape victims. After a silence of ten years, she started her career in the arts again in 2018, by accepting a Commission from the Directors of The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Inclusion in the 3rd Annual Women Artists - 15th Quarterly Art Competition 2020, Online Juried Art Exhibition

44Degree Art Exhibition - solo, 2020

Invited to be part of the International Art Catalog WE CONTEMPORARY, by Musa Artspace and exhibition in March 2021. Participating in the WE CONTEMPORARY artshow in Vienna in 2021

Been approved to appear in the book "International Contemporary Masters" by World Wide Art Promotion, INC

Invite exhibit at the COLORIDA Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, 4-17 Dec 2021

Will be participating in the Spectrum Brooklyn Art Fair by World Wide Art Promotion, INC, in Sept 2021.

Participating in THE ARTBOX PROJECT Art Fair in Geneva ( Postponed to August 2021 ) Featured in THE ARTMARKET Magazine - http://

Featured in The Art Ideal Magazine - https:// interview with 123Art Magazine. https:// meet-lize- kruger-artist-from-south-africa/.

Featured in ART&BEYOND magazine - https:// art_beyond_fall_2020_lr/s/11171301

Commission for the Directors of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan 2018 - https://reckless- at-heligan/

Participating in the VALENTINE virtual exhibition by HansfordandSons- Feb2021:Valentine- 3D virtual exhibition by Hansford And Sons Fine Art | art.spaces | KUNSTMATRIX

Participating in the Venice Art Fair 2021

Participating in Online Exhibition Infinite Dreams by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - https:// www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.comonline-exhibition-infinitedreams/ lize-kruger

Invited by Contemporary Art Station, to participate in the Tokyo Art Exhibition during May 2021


Featuring in the Artbook, THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 2021, curated by Dr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.

Chosen to participate in The TOKYO ART EXPO during May 2021

Participating in the VAA SPRING 2021 online exhibition and is part of the CURATORS CHOICE group of artists. Selected to exhibited at the FIABCN 2021 in Barcelona

Invited to partake in the Florence Biennale 2021 Received special mention in the PEOPLE&PAINTING Gallery ‘SWEET LITTLE NOTHINGS’ exhibition.

Receiving the 2021 Collector's Vision International Art Award, recognising and encouraging the outstanding achievements and potential of today’s artists wherever they might live and work.

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