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 Sandra Lages [ see other similar works ]

        Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Happy in the rain

oil on canvas

50 x 30 cm

Girl in the garden

oil on canvas

40 x 30 cm



Against the wind

oil on canvas

60 x 30 cm

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Sandra Lages I have always been a lover of art, especially Impressionism and Surrealism. I have been painting since I was a child and, when the pandemic begun, I decided to start sharing my works on Instagram. Painting has become paramount in my life, for honestly expressing my feelings and thoughts. My work does not just portray an objective reality, but the pursuit of my own style. I intend to continue on the path of art. I am also a Brazilian psychoanalyst affiliated to the London International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), working in my private office in Rio de Janeiro. It is a job that also deals with a variety of personal emotions, much like the arts. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.



“I have always been a lover of art and I have painted since my childhood. Painting has become paramount in my life, being the expression of my deeply founded feelings and thoughts. I hope my works tell stories and speak to the eyes of the beholders, that they communicate things no word can express, my eclectical inner world. Among other subjects, you will see human figures that with their body movement awaken intense emotions; delicate flowers and more of nature, landscapes and beyond.”


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