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Constanza Laguna Roldán 

Constanza is a sculptor from Madrid with a BFA from the Complutense University, and a finalist of the Demeter award. Constanza is an exciting new artist with private collectors in Spain.

She sold out at her first exhibition during Madrid's Contemporary Art Week in February of 2020. "I do emotional portraits using steel and color.

No two sculptures are the same. This is how I see my subject and when it's a commission piece of a living person, I can only hope the person recognizes themselves".

Constanza wields and balances recycled steel painted in the color of your favorite Vespa. "For Miami Art Basel I'm submitting a portrait of my mom, a formidable woman, and of Sofonisba, a woman artist that I deeply admire.

To me they both capture the balancing act of being a strong soft woman in a man-made world" Constanza approaches art as a physical need and too ascribes to Arte Feliz.

Her language is color, softness and raw vulnerability. There is nothing feminine about Constanza's process and yet the result could be labeled as feminine and lacking in today's art world.

Her aim is not so much to express her subjective internal reality but to connect with something greater and cause a "feel good" effect in the viewer.

Constanza got her BFA later in life and lives and works in Madrid with her five dogs, attorney husband, and college-age son Nacho.




painted secycled steel

40 x 40 x 45 cm

Available works




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