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  Lettice Lang



Oh, Honey

screen print

70 x 50 cm

Veggie, day

screen print

70 x 50 cm



Laetitia “Lettice” Lang (b, 2001, London) is an artist who works in Oxford.

After completing an Art Foundation at Oxford Brookes University, Lettice is currently completing a Fine Art BA at Oxford Brookes University.


Lettice has a passion for contemporary art and enjoys making large scale abstract paintings. She would describe herself primarily as a painter but enjoys working across mediums such as sculpture and ceramics. She has an experimental and inhibited approach to her paintings. Following the idea of playfulness and daydreaming in her screen prints, highlighting the importance of freedom in her bold, contrasting colours. Lettice's recent paintings subjectify a staining technique with washed out tones.


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