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Bartholomeus Langeveld

           The Netherlands



acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 cm

Houses in the sun

acrylic on canvas

70 x 80 cm



I have the Dutch nationality and I was born in Leiden(The Netherlands), I was raised in the Dutch village Sassenheim near Leiden. The area around Sassenheim is famous for the colorful Bulbfields. Every year tourists come from all over the world to visit the spectacular flower-show ‘Keukenhof’. Growing up between the flowers has brought to me the love for color and colorful paintings and specially painting in an abstract form. At the age of ten I won a price at the Dutch Bible Foundation. From that moment on my attention and interest in painting increased and evolved. At present I am working at my studio in Amsterdam and I am a member of the Dutch professional association for visual artists.


My motto: “Color gives Inspiration”.

In my artworks I research the landscape, spaces, forms and color to the full extent.

This means that I am intrigued by landscape painting, for most the abstract painting and the variety of colors in the landscape. The blue of the sky, the red of the Sun and yellow for sand. Looking and studying forms presented by previous Dutch and international landscape and abstract painters. The techniques that were used throughout the ages gave me the inspiration to find my own way in abstract painting.

My inspiration comes mainly from the 19 th - 20 th century painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Bart van der Lek and Piet Mondriaan, also international artists like Frank Stella and Joseph Albers. I like to work in a colorful way, to create a maximum of light and comfort using bright colors, especially the primary colors red, yellow and blue.

My painting style is a direct, active way presented on canvas.

I have started my artist life creating more figurative paintings, natural landscapes, city landscapes and still life.

In a period of time I have focused on various abstraction forms, for example the trapezium form, which resulted in the series ‘Unknown Shores’. The form which I am using now is for example, square, circle etc. which are placed in a larger context.

In general people like my paintings because of the direct and colorful way in which they are painted.


Artist Education

Arts and Culture: Erasmus University Rotterdam 2009

Masterclasses painting at the Leiden Academy 2004 – 2008

Introduction classes to painting at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 2005


Group Exhibitions

American Art Awards – online exhibition & competition 2nd prize minimal art: ‘Highway to the Sun’.

Art-route in Amsterdam East – presenting triptych abstract painting – ‘Looking for Yellow’. - GrangdePaul Art Gallery - Den Bosch The Netherlands.

A08 Art gallery - Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Loods 6 Art exhibition - Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Summer exhibition The Hague Kunstmuseum – online presentation of painting “City Light”



Dutch Art magazine “Palet”. First price in an Dutch Artist competition with the painting “Unknown Shores” in 2015.

The comments of the Jury: ‘the artwork of Bart is a typical example of basic / minimal art. The painting is created in a direct and expressive way using bright colors.

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