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  Simi Larisch



Pulp Fiction 00:46:27

100 x 100 cm

Print on velvet fabric, applications mixed media

Dirty Dancing 00:42:25

100 x 100 cm

Print on velvet fabric, applications mixed media



Deconstruction of Film  – Titanic, Die Hard, Jungle Book, Matrix, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman, Back to the Future, Fight Club, etc.: iconic films that have become deeply embedded in the collective memory of society, of a particular (cultural) space and time period.

Mainstream is often used with a negative connotation, but in the most positive sense it creates a collective memory and thus becomes, even decades later, a strong link between the individuals of a society. The series on velvet fabric shows iconic scenes from blockbuster films.

Scenes that everyone knows and that are symbolic of the whole film – whether you have seen it or not. Even in total blur, like a distant memory, the viewer can add the colour fields back to the film scene stored in his or her memory.



Geb. 1977 in Wuppertal

seit 2005 Freelance artist & graphic designer with own studio in Düsseldorf

2019 Doctorate in art history at the HHU Düsseldorf (Dr. phil.)

2012 Support Award Institute for Art History HHU Düsseldorf, Master‘s thesis: Kunstpunkte – The visit to the studio. Between the demand for authenticity, voyeurism and commerce

2010-2011 M.A. studies Art History/Media Sciences HHU Düsseldorf

2002-05 B.A. studies Art History/Media Sciences HHU Düsseldorf

2001-2003 Distance learning at the Neue Kunstschule Zurich

1997-99 Qualified as a designer for media and communication


Group & Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

05/2023 Huntenkunst | Ulft (NL)

03/2023 Artexpo | Artavita | New York (USA)

01/2023 Zeitenwende | Forum Kunst & Architektur | Essen

11/2022 27. Kunstmesse | Frauenmuseum | Bonn

09/2022 DA! Art Award – Die Macht des Mythos | Stadtmuseum | Düsseldorf

06/2022 DIE GROSSE | Museum Kunst Palast | Düsseldorf

06/2022 KUNSTSALON – SINE LOCO | FMDK e.V. | München

11/2015 Von der Fläche zur Form | Galerie – Der Turm | Schwalmtal

05/2014 Bienchen, Bienchen gib mir Honig | Kulturforum Alte Post | Neuss

02/2012 Metamorph | Simi Larisch & Sarah Link | Münster St. Vitus | Mönchengladbach

06/2011 Kunstmesse artpul | Pulheim

11/2010 Kunstausstellung NATUR-MENSCH 2010 | Nationalpark Harz/St. Andreasberg

11/2009 19. Kunstmesse | Frauenmuseum | Bonn

11/2009 kunstbox | Dortmund

10/2009 Simi Larisch | Galerie Alte Lateinschule | Viersen

07/2004 10 Gewinner des Debitel-Kunstpreises 04 | Stuttgart

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