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  Larz [ see other similar works ]




fine art print on paper

90 x 60 cm


fine art print on paper

80 x 60 cm



fine art print on paper

60 x 90 cm

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Born in Keflavík Iceland 7 April 1978. I studied philosophy at the University of Iceland and Italian at Ca´Foscari Universitá di Venezia. For the last decade I have worked as a football coach and have a UEFA A diploma. Photography is a passion which I have wanted to do something about for a long time. These pictures are taken during the last fifteen years of my life.



2021 May. Esposizione Percezione. Gallery Grásteinn, Reykjavík Islanda.

2021 July. Esposizione Mistero. Duus museum, Reykjanesbær Islanda.

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