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           Juvigny Le Tertre, Normandy, France


Le Buffon

oil on canvas

cm 61,5 x 71,5

The Harvest

oil on canvas

cm 67,5 x 77,5




"Learn how to do it properly; you can always spoil it later."

I explore different media and subjects: from landscape, marine, and still-life to portraits and abstracts.

I am a British, live in France from 2006. I spent my childhood with my grandparents in Kharkiv.

It was a strangely polarized environment. My artistic upbringing followed Western art, and it was officially considered decadent, nearly criminal at that time. Being trained by a student of Marc Chagall, I follow the tradition of the School of Paris group.

I have worked as an illustrator since sixteen. In 1979, I was put out of work as a ''refusenik'' and moved to the UK in 1989.

Since 1990 I have been painting and actively exhibiting solo in the UK and France and group shows in Europe and the US.

My painting appeared on English National Ballet, BBC TV with the ENB 1998-99.

I have lived in Normandy, France, since 2006.


Solo Exhibitions

2023 booked - Solo, Quarr Abbey, IsleOf Wight, UK

2009 /10 - Anya LAUCHLAN, Solo, Brécey, France

2002 – Footlights & Florals, Wycombe Swan Gallery

2002 – Footlights & Florals, Fairfield Halls, London

2000 – Footlights & Florals, Theatre Royal, Windsor

2000 – BBC Television – Painting with English National Ballet

1999 – Anya LAUCHLAN MA, FFPS, Loggia Gallery, Westminster, London

1998 – Anya LAUCHLAN, Cotton’s Atrium, London Bridge City

1996 – Footlights & Florals, Harlequin Centre, Redhill

1991 – Illustrations, UNICEF, Cambridge


Being a woman, and taking a deep look into myself, I continue to explore the mystery of female nature. In my artwork I try to find the sound of color, to hear the color and to make the picture sound. I want to hear the vibration of the colors and tones, rhythm of the lines and shapes. I try to create the visual harmony akin to the auditory sensation that we feel while listening to music. I try to find the right tones, rhythms and vibrations to bring color, shape and line to create a visual music of harmony and happiness.


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