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  Carol Anne Lee [ see other similar works ]

          Manchester, UK


Carol Lee - Beatles

Beatles Memories

oil on canvas


Soul Temptations

oil on canvas

61 x 76 cm


Carol Anne Lee

Carol Anne Lee

Little Soulie

oil on canvas

51 x 41 cm

Women of Worth

oil on canvas

76 x 61 cm

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About and Artist Statement

Allow me to introduce myself and give you a flavour of my artistic influences. My name is Carol Anne and I am an artist from the North West of England. I use art to express my thoughts and passions. I began my journey and my love of art in childhood, using art to reflect the beauty of the world around me. I was always an observer - watching and sketching. Unfortunately, my art was also an outlet for all the difficulties I endured in my childhood and my early work was tinged with sadness. Despite my passion for art, I was prevented from going to Art college by my mother and instead, I was forced to leave school early to care for younger sibling. For a long time, I laid down my paintbrushes, believing that the world of art was now closed to me. However, I came to realise that although I had missed one opportunity, my love for art was still there and I re-embarked on my artistic journey


I set to work with oils on my first painting, ’My heart the child’. This painting was self counselling, as I could place everything I ever felt as a child into one canvas, disturbing but healing. Since then, my artistic career has gone from strength to strength - with a successful exhibition at the Manchester Printworks, including work produced for the Harry Potter festival - a huge success. The Northern Soul festival was also a resounding success, with my work appearing on television. After all the obstacles I had overcome, it was so wonderful to have this recognition. My involvement with the Printworks is ongoing and I also raise money for charity - using my art for good. Below I have listed some of my successful artistic endeavours, to give a flavour of the work I have produced: Industrial exhibition, The Industrial revolution, I exhibited my work in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. 26th - 28th May 2017. Industrial Recreation Exhibition 27th - 28th May 2018. Paralex Art Fair Manchester May 2018. Il Mulino’s solo exhibition in Hebden Bridge for two weeks through out the art festival June - July 2017. I also do a range of commission work and I have painted extensively, from sceneries to personal portraits, soul artists and many more . My work was also exhibited as part of the Northern Soul festival In Blackpool 2018-2019. I have also used my passion for art in teaching and I taught at Heywood evening classes for adults 2016 in pastel medium.

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