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Angelika Lialios Freitag 

Angelika Lialios is a contemporary German artist, whose current focus are close-up flower paintings and detailed garden scenes. She likes to work with acrylic paints, which allow her to add many layers and which lend transparency to the delicate petals in her flower paintings. Her watercolour miniatures and etchings often show landscapes of the Greek islands and depict Greek sceneries.

Born in Germany, Angelika studied Graphic Design at the Werkkunstschule, Wiesbaden and moved to Greece when she married her husband. Together they journeyed through India, where Moghul miniatures further inspired Angelikas work with their bright colours and attention to detail.


For 10 years Angelika lived on the island Hydra, among fellow artists such as Brice Marden, William Pownall, Marios Loizides and Marcella Maltais. She had her first exhibition in the bohemian 70s in the Loulaki Gallery, Hydra, 1985. Between 2009-2017 Angelika and her family lived in England. The paintings created in the U.K. reflect the romanticism and abundance of English gardens. In 2019 Angelika returned to Greece. Her recent interests involve sculpture and artist books. She likes to explore different painting styles using a variety of materials and techniques.




12 x 7 x 2 cm

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