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Linda Liao

Merchant in Venice

print on matte paper

11 x 8.5 inches (28 x 22,5 cm)

Central Park Snow-I

print on matte paper

19 x 13 inches (48 x 33 cm)


Calendar Catalogue

cardboard paper

13 x 19 inches (33 x 48 cm)

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Artist Statement

As an artist, I am concerned with culture. As a photographer, I am concerned with documentation. Somehow my creative path has combined fine art and photography. I practice art photography methods to make cultural fingerprints.

After graduating college, I worked professionally then went back to school. After I was done with university studies, I took a break from all art disciplines. Eventually, I was brought back to visual arts again, full circle, through digital photography.

When I take photos, I strive to express moments in time. In contrast to video documentary, a photo does not require excessive sounds and drama. Sounds nullify the need to visually concentrate. Drama usually follows a narrative and draws attention to all five senses, which can confuse viewers from understanding an artist’s original intent. I am concerned with visual presentation only and how it impresses upon an audience after. Sight is a powerful sense. We need to see to read and to find the food we eat. I want my audience to exercise their sense of sight. I hope I inspire viewers to look at the world in a more discerning manner. Although my photography is naturalistic, I hope my viewers see there is function in the form (like Bauhaus).

I choose to work only in digital color because I want my viewers to completely absorb each straightforward, candid scene. I do not focus on subjects like portraits, which are very personal. I usually try to keep the lighting natural and seldom preplan my composition. For example, whenever I take pictures of surfers there is no way to predict when the perfect wave will come; each picture is unequivocally unique. This experimental element is what makes digital photography so attractive. If I were to hand-draw images I would convey too many different visual elements, the message would be different. Many artists focus on light studies in painting. Today, computer technology has developed an algorithm for swatching color, so I decipher the natural world by preserving composition.

While I believe there is a place for retouching, I normally try to stay away from altering my photographs. Sometimes, I use cropping to preserve the integrity of a documented scene, everything else is as-is. When I do not feel my ideas are coming across clearly, I will collage together photographs I have taken. The collages are exaggerated, almost like a caricature of digital elements from my library. My landscape photography carries classical themes with contemporary implications. Although, contemporary caricatures have social implications that may be too narrow for my purposes.

Anybody can press a button on a camera, though each photographer has a distinct vision and voice. I am not designing, nor following a systematic template. I would describe myself as an auteur turned cultural commentator. For example, it may seem contrary whenever I photograph the beach 37ºN, though it happens. It is a testament to the American culture I reside in.

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