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Audrey Lim 


Audrey fell in love with sports at a young age of 12 while being a primary school student. Her passion coupled with talent led her to proudly represent Malaysia in two South East Asian Games for the 100m hurdles event in the 80s. With great potential to excel in a dynamic environment, she was awarded a scholarship from the Malaysian Ministry of Youth & Sports to major in Physical Education (Allied Health) in the USA in 1987. As life went by, the next 25 years of her life was centred within the corporate and business sectors ranging from the fields of Finance & Investment, Communications and lastly to Advertising Film Production before she prematurely retired.

The demanding work life has never stopped her from setting her heart on pursuing new challenges. It was through a change in family life that prompted her to endeavour in the art of painting. As a person filled with spiritual conviction, Audrey believes that this journey in painting is a path guided by the Divine and through this “gift” she began to realise that painting was her solace and therapy which added a different dimension to her life. Audrey found lost love in a new form filled with the same energy and spirit of the athlete she was. To her wonder, she began to translate strokes and colours with a fresh set of zeal, will power and flair into the art pieces you see today.



- 46th Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul, Korea (March 2018) with her artwork entitled “Angelic Love.”

- Love & Care Charity Art Exhibition in support of Hospis Malaysia (April 2018) with two artworks entitled “I Remember You “ and “Lost in the Moment” and the latter piece was sold.

- “I Can Care “ Exhibition (August 2108) featuring cats sponsored by Celcom (a Malaysian telco company)

- Solo Online Showcase & Charity Silent Auction, 8th August-8th October 2018 to raise funds for the Elena Cooke Education Fund (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

- 15 female Emerging Malaysian Artist exhibition in the Central Bank of Malaysia, November 2018.



Meeting 1

acrylic on canvas with palette knife

100 x 80 cm

Available works




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