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Maria Linares Freire 

Artist Statement

The artist Maria Linares Freire is known as a "Queen of Geometric Paintings". Maria debuted her art on the Moon in 2015. NASA selected her painting " The Effect of the Moon on the Open Sea" for their project "Bounce of the Moon". Furthermore NASA selected this particular out of all paintings produced by artists on Earth. Why Maria' art been chosen? Andrea Jones, who works for NASA's planetary mission explained: " I thought this was very fabulous. This is the artist who uses geometry and nature to represent the space in the world. I thought it was very unique and we like it a lot. One of many reasons we celebrate International Moon events is community for personal and cultural connections to the Moon. This piece really shows how people look at the Moon, learn about the Moon but also represents the Moon in different art forms. This is the first time we bounce gold from the Moon." The image of Maria's painting was projected to the surface through the innovative "Opticks" technology developed by Daniela de Paulis. The goal of this project was to introduce the Earth art to the Moon. Today Maria's artwork is considered as a well documented historical artifact. The first geometrical painting featured for the Moon by the Earth's civilization. The other interesting fact is that her artwork was featured 3 years prior to the international recognition of the works by Hilma af Klint. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presented "Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future" in New York, USA in 2018. The critics wrote that Hilma af Klint paintings resemble diagrams of complex spiritual ideas. Maria's art goes beyond ideas conveyed by Hilma af Klint. Maria Linares Freire has an immense respect and understanding for nature's geometric qualities. She harmoniously combines the spiritual and logical aspects of our unlimited Universe. Her art form is one of intricate and geometrical symbolism, devoid of both humans and animals. As an artist, Maria takes an audience on a multidimensional journey where the mind and the heart are brought together for a peaceful balance of energy and beauty.

Since 2015, Maria's art has been featured in various shows and exhibits in London, New York and Milan where she received numerous awards. Maria has been recognised as one of the most promising and investable artists of 2020. Maria Linares Freire is a "Queen of Geometric Paintings" and a cultural ambassador to the Moon.



acrylic on canvas board

40 x 40 cm

48 x 48 cm framed

Available works



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